Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For World Thinking Day

Here are some quick facts about the 5 2011 WAGGS countries:

Nepal- Tourists come to Nepal mainly to see Mount Everest. Many herbsused in medicines are foundon the slopes of Nepal's mountains. Population- 24.2 million Money- Nepalese rupee Language- Nepali Hello- Namaste

Bolivia- Bolivia is the most isolated country in South America. At 13,385 feet above sea level, La paz is the highest capital city in the world. Population-8.7 million Money-Boliviano Language- Spanish Hello- Hola

Congo- Congo is a hot and humid and covered in savannah and tropical rain forest. Most population live in and around Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire

Cyprus- There are many ancient ruins and castles on Cyprus. Greek Cypriots live in the southern part of the island while Turkish Cypriots live in the north. It has a long history of lace-making. Population-797,000 Money- Cyprus pound Language- Greek Hello- Kalimera

Yemen- Yemen is mostly desert, hot and dry in the east, hot and humid along the coast. Since Yemen has virtually no fresh water, the people depend on water from oases. Dried and salted fish is an important export. Population- 19.9 million Money-Yemeni rial Language- Arabic Hello- Salaam a'alaykum (sah-lahm ah ah -LAY-koom)

Source(s)- My Picture Atlas

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